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In Bible versions:

son of Eli-O-Enai (Hananiah Zerubbabel David Judah)
chief of a division of priests serving in David's sanctuary
head of a clan of returnees lacking proof of being Israelites
son of Mehetabel; father of Shemaiah who tempted Nehemiah
son of Shemaiah; a prince of Judah under Jehoiakim

the poor of the Lord


Strongs #01806: hyld [email protected] or (prolonged) whyld [email protected]

Dalaiah or Delaiah = "Jehovah has drawn"

1) a priest in the time of David, leader of the 23rd course
2) a son of Shemaiah, a ruler of Judah in the time of Jeremiah in the
court of Jehoiakim
3) the head of an exilic family, of uncertain pedigree, claiming to
be Israelites in the time of Zerubbabel
4) a descendant of Zerubbabel
5) the son of Mehetabeel and the father of Shemaiah, a contemporary
of Nehemiah

1806 Dlayah del-aw-yaw'

or (prolonged) Dlayahhuw {del-aw-yaw'-hoo}; from 1802 and
3050; Jah has delivered; Delajah, the name of five
Israelites:-Dalaiah, Delaiah.
see HEBREW for 01802
see HEBREW for 03050

Delaiah [EBD]

freed by Jehovah. (1.) The head of the twenty-third division of the priestly order (1 Chr. 24:18).

(2.) A son of Shemaiah, and one of the courtiers to whom Jeremiah's first roll of prophecy was read (Jer. 36:12).

(3.) The head of one of the bands of exiles that returned under Zerubbabel to Jerusalem (Ezra 2:60; Neh. 7:62).

Delaiah [NAVE]

1. Head of the twenty-third division of the priestly order, 1 Chr. 24:18.
2. A prince of Judah, Jer. 36:12, 25.
3. A progenitor of certain Babylonish captives, Ezra 2:60; Neh. 7:62.
4. Father of a false prophet, Neh. 6:10.
5. A descendant of the royal line of Judah. Called also Dalaiah, 1 Chr. 3:24.


(freed by Jehovah).
  1. A priest in the time of David, leader of the twenty-third course of priests. (1 Chronicles 24:18) (B.C. 1014.)
  2. "Children of Delaiah" were among the people of uncertain pedigree who returned from Babylon with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:60; Nehemiah 7:62) (B.C. 536.)
  3. Son of Mehetabeel and father of Shemaiah. (Nehemiah 6:10) (B.C. before 410.)
  4. Son of Shemaiah, one of the "princes" about the court of Jehoiakim. (Jeremiah 36:12,25) (B.C. 604.)


DELAIAH - de-la'-ya (delayah, "God has raised"):

(1) A descendant of David (1 Ch 3:24; the King James Version "Dalaiah").

(2) One of David's priests and leader of the 23rd course (1 Ch 24:18).

(3) One of the princes who pleaded with Jehoiakim not to destroy the roll containing the prophecies of Jeremiah (Jer 36:12,25).

(4) The ancestor of a post-exilic family whose genealogy was lost (Ezr 2:60; Neh 7:62; 1 Esdras 5:37 margin).


(5) The father of timorous Shemaiah (Neh 6:10).

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