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NAVE: Curiosity
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Curiosity [NAVE]

Prov. 27:20; Eccl. 7:21
Instances of
Of Eve, Gen. 3:6.
Of Abraham, to know whether God would destroy the righteous in Sodom, Gen. 18:23-32.
Of Jacob, to know the name of the angel, Gen. 32:29.
Of the Israelites, to see God, Ex. 19:21, 24; to witness the offering in the holy of holies, Num. 4:19, 20.
Of Manoah, to know the name of an angel, Judg. 13:17, 18.
Of the people of Beth-shemesh, to see inside the ark, 1 Sam. 6:19.
Of the Babylonians, to see Hezekiah's treasures, 2 Kin. 20:13.
Of Daniel, to know a vision, Dan. 12:8, 9.
Of Peter, to know what was being done with Jesus, Matt. 26:58; to know what John would be appointed to do, John 21:21, 22.
A disciple, to know if there be few that be saved, Luke 13:23.
Of Herod, to see Jesus, Luke 9:9; 23:8.
Of the Jews, to see Lazarus, after he was raised from the dead, John 12:9; and to see Jesus, John 12:20, 21.
Of the disciples, to know whether Jesus would restore the kingdom of the Jews, Acts 1:6, 7.
Of the Athenians, to hear some new thing, Acts 17:19-21.
Of angels, to look into the mysteries of salvation, 1 Pet. 1:12.

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