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NAVE: Cures
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Cures [NAVE]

CURES, miraculous. See: Miracles.
See: Diseases; Physician.


CURE; CURES - kur: Represents the words gahah, marpe', raphdh; therapeuo, iasis. Gahah in Prov 17:22 translated "medicine" means properly the removal of a bandage from a healed wound, and, is used figuratively in Hos 5:13; marpe', "healing," is used in the sense of deliverance of the city in Jer 33:6; with a negative particle in 2 Ch 21:18 it is used to describe the bowel disease of Jehoram as incurable. The Greek words are used of physical cures (iasis in Lk 13:32) as contradistinguished from the casting out of demons as Mt 17:16; Lk 7:21; Jn 5:10. Cure is only used in the New Testament in the sense of physical healing; in the Old Testament usually in the sense of spiritual or national deliverance from danger.

Alex. Macalister

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