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CUNNING - kun'-ing (chakham, chashabh): In Bible-English "cunning" means always "wise" or "skilful"; the word does not occur in the bad sense, and it is found in the Old Testament only. The chief Hebrew words are chakham, "wise," "skilful" (2 Ch 2:7 the King James Version "a man cunning to work in gold"; 2 Ch 2:13; Isa 3:3 the King James Version, etc.); chashabh, "to think," "devise," "desire" (Ex 26:1,31; 28:6,15 the King James Version, etc.). We have also da`ath, "knowledge" (1 Ki 7:14 the King James Version); bin, "to be intelligent" (1 Ch 25:7 the King James Version); machasbebheth, "thought," "device," "design" (Ex 31:4; 35:33,15 the King James Version); 'aman, "artificer" (Song 7:1 the King James Version); yadha`, "to know," once translated "cunning" (Dan 1:4 the King James Version).

For cunning the American Standard Revised Version gives "skilful" (Ex 31:4, etc.; Isa 3:3 "expert"); for "cunning work" the work of the "skilful workman" (Ex 26:1,31, etc., the English Revised Version "cunning workman"); for "curious," "skilfully woven," the English Revised Version "cunningly woven" (Ex 28:8, etc.).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Cunning" in Word Study

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