Also see definition of "Crooked" in Word Study
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CROOKED - krook'-ed (`awah, `aqash, `aqalqal, `aqallathon, pethaltol; skolios): Primarily designates something that is bent, twisted or deformed (Isa 27:1; 45:2 the King James Version).

Figurative: (1) It designates a course of action that deviates from rectitude, especially deceit, guile, hypocrisy (Dt 32:5; Prov 2:15; Eccl 1:15; Lk 3:5; compare Phil 2:15); (2) trials (sent by God, Eccl 7:13; Lam 3:9); (3) difficulties (removed by God, Isa 42:16).

Also see definition of "Crooked" in Word Study

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