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COUNT - kount (caphar, manah; psephizo): Used of arithmetical computation "to number" (Ps 139:18; Nu 23:10); also for kathabh, "to reckon," to indicate classification among or identification with, "count for a stranger" (Job 19:15); "count for his enemy" (Job 33:10). In the New Testament the arithmetical computation is less prominent, except in the sense of "calculate," psephizo, sumpsephizo, "to reckon with pebbles," each pebble representing a unit (Lk 14:28; Acts 19:19); of moral estimate, hegeomai and logizomai (Phil 3:7,13). The noun, from Hebrew kacath, "a count of" (Ex 12:4), namely, in the arithmetical sense.

H. E. Jacobs

Also see definition of "Count" in Word Study

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