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NAVE: Correction
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Correction [NAVE]

See: Affliction, Design of; Chastisement; Children, Correction of; Parents; Punishment; Scourging.


CORRECTION - ko-rek'-shun (mucar, usually rendered "instruction," is translated "correction" in several passages): The verb from which the noun is derived signifies "to instruct" or "chastise." The idea of chastisement was very closely connected in the Hebrew mind with that of pedagogy. See CHASTISEMENT. the Revised Version (British and American) and the American Standard Revised Version have changed "correction" of the King James Version to "instruction" in Jer 7:28, reversing the order in the margins. shebheT, rendered "rod" in Job 21:9, is unnecessarily changed to "correction" in 37:13. In 2 Tim 3:16, epanorthosis, is translated "correction." The difference between correction, discipline and instruction Was not clearly drawn in the Hebrew mind.

W. W. Davies

Also see definition of "Correction" in Word Study

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