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NAVE: Cooking
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Cooking [NAVE]

A kid might not be boiled in the mother's milk (an ancient pagan festival practice), Deut. 14:21.
Spice used in, Ezek. 24:10.
Ephraim, a cake unturned, Hos. 7:8.
In the temple, Ezek. 46:19-24.
See: Baker; Bread; Oven.


As meet did not form an article of ordinary diet among the Jews, the art of cooking was not carried to any perfection. Few animals were slaughtered except for purposes of hospitality or festivity. The proceedings on such occasions appear to have been as follows: --On the arrival of a guest, the animal, either a kid, lamb or calf, was killed, (Genesis 18:7; Luke 15:23) its throat being cut so that the blood might be poured out, (Leviticus 7:26) it was then flayed, and was ready for either roasting or boiling. In the former case the animal was preserved entire, (Exodus 12:46) and roasted either over a fire, (Exodus 12:8) of wood, (Isaiah 44:16) or perhaps in an oven, consisting simply of a hole dug in the earth, well heated, and covered up. Boiling, however, was the more usual method of cooking.


COOKING - kook'-ing.


Also see definition of "Cooking" in Word Study

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