Also see definition of "Consummation" in Word Study
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CONSUMMATION - kon-su-ma'-shun (killayon from kalah): The word, meaning destruction, completion, or failing (Isa 10:23; 28:22; Dan 9:27) is translated interchangeably in the King James Version for another Hebrew word referring to a physical disease, and best translated "consumption"; compare Lev 26:16; Dt 28:22. Not used in the Revised Version (British and American). The Hebrew variously but more accurately translated "full end"; compare Dan 9:27; Isa 10:23; and "destruction"; compare Isa 10:22; 28:22. There seems therefore to be an inconsistency on the part of both the Authorized and Revised translations.

Walter G. Clippinger

Also see definition of "Consummation" in Word Study

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