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CONFOUND - kon-found': The physical origin of spiritual terms is well illustrated by the principal Hebrew words for "confounded" (rendered also "ashamed," etc.); bosh, is "to become pale" (2 Ki 19:26; Job 6:20; Ps 83:17; 129:5 the King James Version; Isa 19:9, etc.); chapher, "to become red" (Ps 35:4; Isa 1:29; 24:23, "the moon shall be confounded," Mic 3:7); yabhash, "to be dried up" (Jer 46:24 the King James Version; 48:1,20 the King James Version; 50:2 the King James Version; Zec 10:5); kalam, "to blush" (Ps 69:6 the King James Version; Isa 41:11, etc.). In Gen 11:7,9, of the confusion of tongues, the word is balal, "to mix," "mingle." In Jer 1:17 the King James Version it is chathath, "to bring or put down."

In New Testament, kataischuno, "to put to shame" (1 Cor 1:27 the King James Version; 1 Pet 2:6 the King James Version); and sugchuno, "to pour together," "bewilder' " (Acts 2:6; 9:22). the Revised Version (British and American) frequently gives "ashamed" and "put to shame" instead of "confounded."

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Confound" in Word Study

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