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COME - kum: The translation of many Hebrew and Greek words. In the phrase "The Spirit of Yahweh came mightily upon him" (Jdg 14:6,19; 15:14; 1 Sam 10:10; 11:6; 16:13), the word is tsaleah; Jdg 14:6; 15:14 "came mightily," which is the uniform translation of the Revised Version (British and American) (compare Jdg 13:25 "to move," i.e. to disturb or stir up). In Jdg 6:34; 1 Ch 12:18; 2 Ch 24:20, it is labhesh, "to clothe"; the Revised Version, margin "The Spirit .... clothed itself with Gideon" and .... "with Zechariah," "The Spirit clothed Amasai."

Among its many changes, the Revised Version (British and American) has "come forth" for "come" (Mt 2:6); "gone up" for "come" (Mt 14:32, a different text); "come all the way" for "come" (Jn 4:15); "got out upon the" for "come to" (Jn 21:9); "draw near" for "come" (Heb 4:16); "come" for "come and see" (Rev 6:1); "secure" for "come by" (Acts 27:16); "attain unto" for "come in" (Eph 4:13); and "I come" for "I come again" (Jn 14:28).

W. L. Walker

Also see definition of "Come" in Word Study

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