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Coffer [EBD]

the receptacle or small box placed beside the ark by the Philistines, in which they deposited the golden mice and the emerods as their trespass-offering (1 Sam. 6:8, 11, 15).

Coffer [NAVE]

COFFER, a chest, 1 Sam. 6:8, 11, 15; Ezek. 27:24.
See: Chest; Storehouses.


(argaz), a movable box hanging from the side of a cart. (1 Samuel 6:8,11,15) The word is found nowhere else.


COFFER - kof'-er ('argaz): A small box such as that in which the Philistines placed their golden mice and other offerings in returning the Ark (1 Sam 6:8,11,15).

Also see definition of "Coffer" in Word Study

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