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Clothed Upon


CLOTHED UPON - klothd, (ependuo, "to put on over" another garment): Used only in 2 Cor 5:2,4. In 5:4 in contrast with unclothed, compare 1 Cor 15:53 f, in which the idea of putting on, as a garment, is expressed of incorruption and immortality. The meaning here is very subtle and difficult of interpretation. In all probability Paul thinks of a certain envelopment of his physical mortal body even in this life ("in this we groan," i.e. in this present body), hence, the force of the prefixed preposition. The body itself was regarded by the philosophers of his day as a covering of the soul, and hence, it was to be clothed upon and at the same time transformed by the superimposed heavenly body. Ependutes, an outer garment, is used several times in Septuagint for me`il, an upper garment or robe (compare Jn 21:7).

Walter G. Clippinger

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