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CLAP - An emphatic expression of joy, "They clapped their hands (nakhah), and said, Long live (the King James Version "God save") the king" (2 Ki 11:12); "Oh clap your hands (taqa`), all ye peoples" (Ps 47:1); or exultation (caphaq, Lam 2:15; macha', Ezek 25:6; taqa`, Nah 3:19); or repudiation (caphaq, Job 27:23; 34:37).

Figurative: To denote Nature's "sympathy" with God's people. "Let the floods clap (macha') their hands" (Ps 98:8); "All the trees of the field shall clap their hands" (Isa 55:12; compare Jdg 5:20).

Also see definition of "Clap" in Word Study

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