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EBD: Circuit
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Circuit [EBD]

the apparent diurnal revolution of the sun round the earth (Ps. 19:6), and the changes of the wind (Eccl. 1:6). In Job 22:14, "in the circuit of heaven" (R.V. marg., "on the vault of heaven") means the "arch of heaven," which seems to be bent over our heads.


CIRCUIT - sur'-kit, "a going around": Used to represent several Hebrew words in several senses, e.g. the sun's orbit (tequphah), Ps 19:6; the vault of the heavens (chugh), Job 22:14 the King James Version; the circuit of the winds (cabhibh), Eccl 1:6 (see ASTRONOMY); Samuel's visiting of communities (cabhabh), 1 Sam 7:16. In the Revised Version (British and American) the idea of encircling or "fetching a compass" (the King James Version) is expressed by the phrase "to make a circuit" (hacebh), 2 Sam 5:23; 2 Ki 3:9; and in the Revised Version, margin it indicates a plain (ha-kikkar), Neh 3:22. The Greek perielthontes is translated in the same way (Acts 28:13), but the Revised Version, margin reads "cast loose," following the Westcott and Hort, The New Testament in Greek reading perielontes.

Nathan Isaacs

Also see definition of "Circuit" in Word Study

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