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Caterpillar [EBD]

the consumer. Used in the Old Testament (1 Kings 8:37; 2 Chr. 6:28; Ps. 78:46; Isa. 33:4) as the translation of a word (hasil) the root of which means "to devour" or "consume," and which is used also with reference to the locust in Deut. 28:38. It may have been a species of locust, or the name of one of the transformations through which the locust passes, locust-grub. It is also found (Ps. 105:34; Jer. 51:14, 27; R.V., "cankerworm") as the rendering of a different Hebrew word, yelek, a word elsewhere rendered "cankerworm" (q.v.), Joel 1:4; 2:25. (See LOCUST.)

Caterpillar [NAVE]

Sent as a judgment, 1 Kin. 8:37; Psa. 78:46; Psa. 105:34; Jer. 51:27; Joel 1:4; 2:25.


The representative in the Authorized Version of the Hebrew word chasil and yelek .
  1. Chasil occurs in (1 Kings 8:37; 2 Chronicles 6:28; Psalms 78:46; Isaiah 33:4; Joel 1:4) and seems to be applied to a locust, perhaps in its larva state.
  2. Yelek. [LOCUST].


CATERPILLAR - kat'-er-pil-er (chacil (Ps 78:46; Joel 1:4, etc.); yeleq (Ps 105:34 the King James Version, the American Standard Revised Version "grasshopper"; Jer 51:14,27 the King James Version; elsewhere "canker-worm")): A name given to a larval stage of the LOCUST (which see).

Also see definition of "Caterpillar" in Word Study

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