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NAVE: Caldron
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Caldron [NAVE]

CALDRON, in the tabernacle, 1 Sam. 2:14; temple, 2 Chr. 35:13; Jer. 52:18, 19.
Ezek. 11:3-11.


a vessel for boiling flesh, for either ceremonial or domestic use. (1 Samuel 2:14; 2 Chronicles 35:13; Job 41:20; Micah 3:3)


CALDRON - kol'-drun (the rendering of qallachath, cir, dudh 'aghmon) : Qallachath is found only in 1 Sam 2:14; Mic 3:3. It is a pot for cooking, of undefined size and characteristics, in the former passage for sanctuary use, in the latter for domestic. Cir is translated caldron in Jer 1:13 (Revised Versions); Jer 52:18 f(the King James Version); Ezek 11:3,7,11. It was distinctly a large pot, employed both for domestic use and in the sanctuary. Dudh is translated caldron only in 2 Ch 35:13. It was also a pot for cooking. 'Aghmon is translated caldron by the King James Version in Job 41:20, but it is a mistranslation; the Revised Version (British and American) correctly has "rushes."

George Ricker Berry

Also see definition of "Caldron" in Word Study

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