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HEBREW: 3521 lwbk Kabuwl
NAVE: Cabul
EBD: Cabul
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In Bible versions:

a town in Asher, SE of Acco (OS)
a region of 20 "worthless" cities that Solomon gave Hiram

displeasing; dirty
Google Maps: Cabul (1) (32° 51´, 35° 12´); Cabul (2) (32° 51´, 35° 12´)


Strongs #03521: lwbk Kabuwl

Cabul = "binding"

1) a city on the border of Asher and located approx 10 miles (16 km)
east of Akko; modern 'Kabul'
2) a district in Galilee given by Solomon to Hiram and contemptuously
called 'Cabul' by Hiram

3521 Kabuwl kaw-bool'

from the same as 3525 in the sense of limitation; sterile;
Cabul, the name of two places in Palestine:-Cabul.
see HEBREW for 03525

Cabul [EBD]

how little! as nothing. (1.) A town on the eastern border of Asher (Josh. 19:27), probably one of the towns given by Solomon to Hiram; the modern Kabul, some 8 miles east of Accho, on the very borders of Galilee.

(2.) A district in the north-west of Galilee, near to Tyre, containing twenty cities given to Hiram by Solomon as a reward for various services rendered to him in building the temple (1 Kings 9:13), and as payment of the six score talents of gold he had borrowed from him. Hiram gave the cities this name because he was not pleased with the gift, the name signifying "good for nothing." Hiram seems afterwards to have restored these cities to Solomon (2 Chr. 8:2).

Cabul [NAVE]

1. A city in the N. of Palestine, Josh. 19:27.
2. Name given by Hiram to certain cities in Galilee, 1 Kin. 9:13.


  1. One of the landmarks on the boundary of Asher, (Joshua 19:27) now Kabul , 9 or 10 miles east of Accho .
  2. Name of the land given to Hiram by Solomon. (1 Kings 9:10-13)


CABUL - ka'-bul (kabhul; Codex Vaticanus, Chobamasomel; Codex Alexandrinus, Chabol apo aristeron):

(1) A city on the boundary between Asher and Zebulun (Josh 19:27). It corresponds to the Chabolo of Josephus (Vita, 43, etc.), and is represented by the modern village Kabul, about nine miles Southeast of Acre.

(2) A district probably connected with (1), containing 20 cities, given by Solomon to Hiram king of Tyre (1 Ki 9:10 ff).

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