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EBD: Bunch
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Bunch [EBD]

(1.) A bundle of twigs (Ex. 12:22). (2.) Bunch or cake of raisins (2 Sam. 16:1). (3.) The "bunch of a camel" (Isa. 30:6).


BUNCH - bunsh: Is used of (1) a "bunch of hyssop" (Ex 12:22, 'aghuddah); (2) a "cluster of raisins" (2 Sam 16:1 the King James Version; 1 Ch 12:40 the King James Version tsimmuq = "something dried or shriveled"); (3) a "camel's hump" (Isa 30:6 the King James Version dabbesheth): of obscure etymology.

Also see definition of "Bunch" in Word Study

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