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Bullock [EBD]

(1.) The translation of a word which is a generic name for horned cattle (Isa. 65:25). It is also rendered "cow" (Ezek. 4:15), "ox" (Gen. 12:16).

(2.) The translation of a word always meaning an animal of the ox kind, without distinction of age or sex (Hos. 12:11). It is rendered "cow" (Num. 18:17) and "ox" (Lev. 17:3).

(3.) Another word is rendered in the same way (Jer. 31:18). It is also translated "calf" (Lev. 9:3; Micah 6:6). It is the same word used of the "molten calf" (Ex. 32:4, 8) and "the golden calf" (1 Kings 12:28).

(4.) In Judg. 6:25; Isa. 34:7, the Hebrew word is different. It is the customary word for bulls offered in sacrifice. In Hos. 14:2, the Authorized Version has "calves," the Revised Version "bullocks."

Bull [NAVE]

or Ox
[Synonymous terms in A.V.]. Uses of: For sacrifice, Ex. 29:3, 10-14, 36; Lev. 4:8, 16; Num. 7:87, 88; 28:11-31; 29; Heb. 9:13; 10:4; plowing, 1 Sam. 14:14; 1 Kin. 19:19; Prov. 14:4; Isa. 32:20; Jer. 31:18; treading out grain, Deut. 25:4; with wagons, Num. 7:3-8; 2 Sam. 6:3-6.
Laws concerning: Trespass by, Ex. 21:28-36; theft of, Ex. 22:1-10; rest for, Ex. 23:12; not to be muzzled, when treading grain, Deut. 25:4; 1 Cor. 9:9; 1 Tim. 5:18; not to be yoked with a donkey, Deut. 22:10.
Twelve brazen, under the molten sea in Solomon's temple, 1 Kin. 7:25; 2 Chr. 4:4; Jer. 52:20.
See: Bull; Cattle; Offerings.
Ezek. 1:10; Rev. 4:7.

Bullock [NAVE]

See: Bull,


BULL; BULLOCK - bool, bool'-ok.


Also see definition of "Bullock" in Word Study

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