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EBD: Breach
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Breach [EBD]

an opening in a wall (1 Kings 11:27; 2 Kings 12:5); the fracture of a limb (Lev. 24:20), and hence the expression, "Heal, etc." (Ps. 60:2). Judg. 5:17, a bay or harbour; R.V., "by his creeks."


BREACH - brech: Represented by (1) perets = "a tear," "a rending asunder," "a break," hence, figuratively "enmity," "disruption," "strife" (Gen 38:29; Jdg 21:15; 2 Sam 5:20; 1 Ch 15:13; Neh 6:1; Job 16:14; Ps 106:23; Isa 30:13; 58:12); (2) shebher = "fracture," "affliction," "bruise," "destruction" (Lev 24:20; Jer 14:17; Lam 2:13; Ps 60:2); (3) bedheq = "a gap" or "leak" (in a building or ship) occurring in 2 Ki 12:5-8,12; 22:5; (4) tenu'ah = "alienation," "breach of promise" (Nu 14:34 the King James Version); (5) miphrats = "a break" (in the shore), and hence, "a haven" (Jdg 5:17, the Revised Version (British and American) "creeks").

Frank E. Hirsch

Also see definition of "Breach" in Word Study

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