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HEBREW: 1224 hrub Botsrah
NAVE: Bozrah
EBD: Bozrah
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In Bible versions:

a town of Edom
a town of Moab

in tribulation or distress
NETBible Maps: Map11 G2 ; Map12 C2
Google Maps: Bozrah (1) (30° 44´, 35° 36´); Bozrah (2) (32° 30´, 36° 29´)


Strongs #01224: hrub Botsrah

Bozrah = "sheepfold" or "fortress"

1) a town in Edom
2) a town in Moab

1224 Botsrah bots-raw'

the same as 1223; Botsrah, a place in Edom:-Bozrah.
see HEBREW for 01223

Bozrah [EBD]

enclosure; fortress. (1.) The city of Jobab, one of the early Edomite kings (Gen. 36:33). This place is mentioned by the prophets in later times (Isa. 34:6; Jer. 49:13; Amos 1:12; Micah 2:12). Its modern representative is el-Busseireh. It lies in the mountain district of Petra, 20 miles to the south-east of the Dead Sea.

(2.) A Moabite city in the "plain country" (Jer. 48:24), i.e., on the high level down on the east of the Dead Sea. It is probably the modern Buzrah.

Bozrah [NAVE]

1. A city of Edom, Gen. 36:33.
Sheep of, Mic. 2:12.
Prophecies concerning, Isa. 34:6; 63:1; Jer. 49:13, 22; Amos 1:12.
2. A town of Moab, Jer. 48:24.


  1. In Edom, the city of Jobab the son of Zerah, one of the early king of that nation. (Genesis 36:33; 1 Chronicles 1:44) Mentioned by Isaiah, (Isaiah 34:6; 63:1) in connection with Edom, and by Jeremiah, (Jeremiah 49:13,22; Amos 1:12) and (Micah 2:12) Its modern representative is el-Busaireh , which lies on the mountain district to the southeast of the Dead Sea.
  2. In his catalogue of the cities of the land of Moab, Jeremiah, (Jeremiah 48:24) mentions a Bozrah as in "the plain country" (ver 21), i.e. the high level downs on the east of the Dead Sea.


BOZRAH - boz'-ra (botsrah, "sheepfold"; Bosorrha, Bosor):

(1) The capital of Edom, a city of great antiquity (Gen 36:33; 1 Ch 1:44; Isa 34:6; 63:1; Jer 49:13; Am 1:12). It may be identical with Buceirah, which lies about 7 miles Southwest of Tufileh, on the main road to Petra.

(2) A city in Moab mentioned in Jer 48:24. It is probably identical with Bezer, the city of refuge. It may be represented today by Qusur Bashair, which towers lie some 15 miles Southeast of Dibon. In this case Beth-gamul would be identical with Jemail, 8 miles East of Dibon, and Beth-meon with Ma`in, Southwest of Medebah.

W. Ewing

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