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Bow [EBD]

The bow was in use in early times both in war and in the chase (Gen. 21:20; 27:3; 48:22). The tribe of Benjamin were famous for the use of the bow (1 Chr. 8:40; 12:2; 2 Chr. 14:8; 17:17); so also were the Elamites (Isa. 22:6) and the Lydians (Jer. 46:9). The Hebrew word commonly used for bow means properly to tread (1 Chr. 5:18; 8:40), and hence it is concluded that the foot was employed in bending the bow. Bows of steel (correctly "copper") are mentioned (2 Sam. 22:35; Ps. 18:34).

The arrows were carried in a quiver (Gen. 27:3; Isa. 22:6; 49:2; Ps. 127:5). They were apparently sometimes shot with some burning material attached to them (Ps. 120:4).

The bow is a symbol of victory (Ps. 7:12). It denotes also falsehood, deceit (Ps. 64:3, 4; Hos. 7:16; Jer. 9:3).

"The use of the bow" in 2 Sam. 1:18 (A.V.) ought to be "the song of the bow," as in the Revised Version.

Bowing [EBD]

a mode of showing respect. Abraham "bowed himself to the people of the land" (Gen. 23:7); so Jacob to Esau (Gen. 33:3); and the brethren of Joseph before him as the governor of the land (Gen. 43:28). Bowing is also frequently mentioned as an act of adoration to idols (Josh. 23:7; 2 Kings 5:18; Judg. 2:19; Isa. 44:15), and to God (Josh. 5:14; Ps. 22:29; 72:9; Micah 6:6; Ps. 95:6; Eph. 3:14).

Bow [NAVE]

A Weapon
Gen. 21:16, 20.
Made of bronze, 2 Sam. 22:35; Job 20:24; Psa. 18:34; of wood, Ezek. 39:9.
Used in war, Isa. 13:18; Lam. 2:4; Ezek. 39:3.
Used by the Elamites, Jer. 49:35.
David instructed the Israelites in the use of, by writing war song to, 2 Sam. 1:18.
Used in hunting. See: Archery; Arrow.
Gen. 49:24; Job 16:13; 29:20; Psa. 78:57; Lam. 3:12; Hos. 1:5; Hab. 3:9; Rev. 6:2.
A Token in the Clouds
Gen. 9:8-17; Ezek. 1:28; Rev. 4:3; Rev. 10:1

Bowing [NAVE]

See: Prostration in Worship; Worship.


(Genesis 37:10) The eastern mode of salutation, by kneeling upon one knee and bending the head forward till it touched the ground.


BOW - bo.



BOW; BOWING - bou, bou'-ing.



BOWING - bou'-ing (naTah, "to incline," "bulge"): The Psalmist's assailants expected that he would be "like a leaning (the King James Version "bowing") wall" (Ps 62:3) before their united attack, as when an ill-built, bulging wall gives way under a sudden and heavy fall of rain (compare Ezek 13:11; 38:22).

Also see definition of "Bow" in Word Study

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