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HEBREW: 1066 Mykb Bokiym
NAVE: Bochim Bokim
EBD: Bochim
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In Bible versions:

Bokim: NET NIV
a place west of Gilgal where God rebuked Israel for compromise

the place of weeping; or of mulberry-trees
Google Maps: Bochim (31° 55´, 35° 13´)


Strongs #01066: Mykb Bokiym

Bochim = "weeping"

1) a place near Gilgal (or Bethel), where sons of Israel wept

1066 Bokiym bo-keem'

plural active participle of 1058; (with the article) the
weepers; Bo-kim, a place in Palestine:-Bochim.
see HEBREW for 01058

Bochim [EBD]

weepers, a place where the angel of the Lord reproved the Israelites for entering into a league with the people of the land. This caused them bitterly to weep, and hence the name of the place (Judg. 2:1, 5). It lay probably at the head of one of the valleys between Gilgal and Shiloh.

Bochim [NAVE]

BOCHIM, a place W. of Jordan, near Gilgal, Judg. 2:1, 5.

Bokim [NAVE]

See: Bochim.


(the weepers) a place on the west of Jordan, above Gilgal; so named from the weeping of Israel. (Judges 2:1,6)


BOCHIM - bo'-kim (ha-bokhim: A place on the mountain West of Gilgal said to have been so named (literally "the weepers") because Israel wept there at the remonstrance of the angel (Jdg 2:1,5). No name resembling this has been discovered. Given on the occasion mentioned, it may not have endured. Many, following Septuagint, identify it with Bethel.

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