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BLOW - blo (nashaph): Used with reference to the wind (Ex 15:10; Ps 78:26; 147:18; pneo, "to breathe," Lk 12:55; Jn 3:8; Rev 7:1); taqa`, with reference to trumpet sound (Nu 10:3-10; 31:6 the King James Version; Jdg 7:18,20; 1 Ki 1:34; 1 Ch 15:24; Ps 81:3; Ezek 33:3,6; Hos 5:8; Joel 2:1,15); puach, with reference to the strong expulsion of the breath (Ezek 21:31; 22:20,21; Hag 1:9; Isa 40:7; 54:16; Job 20:26); nashaph, with reference to a forcible slap or stroke with hand or an instrument (Ps 39:10; Isa 40:24; Jer 14:17 the King James Version).

Frank E. Hirsch

Also see definition of "Blow" in Word Study

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