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NAVE: Bitumen
EBD: Bitumen
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NET Glossary: a naturally occurring asphalt (especially of Asia Minor) used in ancient times as a cement and mortar

Bitumen [EBD]

Gen. 11:3, R.V., margin, rendered in the A.V. "slime"), a mineral pitch. With this the ark was pitched (6:14. See also Ex. 2:3.) (See SLIME.)

Black - properly the absence of all colour. In Prov. 7:9 the Hebrew word means, as in the margin of the Revised Version, "the pupil of the eye." It is translated "apple" of the eye in Deut. 32:10; Ps. 17:8; Prov. 7:2. It is a different word which is rendered "black" in Lev. 13:31,37; Cant. 1:5; 5:11; and Zech. 6:2, 6. It is uncertain what the "black marble" of Esther 1:6 was which formed a part of the mosaic pavement.

Bitumen [NAVE]

BITUMEN, See: Tar.


BITUMEN - bi-tu'-men.


Also see definition of "Bitumen" in Word Study

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