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NAVE: Bithron
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Bithron [NAVE]

BITHRON, a district bordering on the Jordan, 2 Sam. 2:29.


more accurately the Bithron (a craggy gorge or ravine), a place, doubtless a district, in the Jordan valley on the east side of the river. (2 Samuel 2:29)


BITHRON - bith'-ron (ha-bithron; holen ten parateinousan, literally "the entire (land) extending"; 2 Sam 2:29, "the Bithron," i.e. the gorge or groove): Does not seem to be a proper name; rather it indicates the gorge by which Abner approached Mahanaim. Buhl (GAP, 121) favors identification with Wady `Ajlun, along which in later times a Rom road connected `Ajlun and Mahanaim. Others (Guthe, Kurz. bib. Worterbuch, under the word) incline to Wady esh Sha`ib.

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