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BID - Variously signifying, according to six Hebrew and as many Greek originals: (1) "to command" (Nu 14:10; Mt 1:24 the King James Version, prostasso); (2) "to prescribe" or "order" (Jn 2:2); (3) "to consecrate," and so rendered in the Revised Version (British and American) (Zeph 1:7; compare 1 Sam 16:5); (4) eipon, "to say" or "tell" (Mt 16:12); (5) "to call" i.e. "invite" (kaleo), conspicuously used in this sense in Christ's parables of the Marriage Feast (Mt 22:3-9) and of the Great Supper (Lk 14:7-24); (6) "to take leave of," appotasso (Lk 9:61).

Also see definition of "Bid" in Word Study

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