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HEBREW: 1328 lawtb B@thuw'el
NAVE: Bethuel
EBD: Bethuel
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In Bible versions:

Bethuel.�: NRSV
son of Milcah and Nahor, the brother of Abraham; Bethuel was the father of Rebecca
a town; early home of the descendants of Shime-i of Simeon

filiation of God
Google Maps: Bethuel (32° 2´, 35° 44´)


Strongs #01328: lawtb B@thuw'el

Bethuel = "God destroys" or "man of God" or "dweller in God"

n pr m
1) nephew of Abraham, son of Nahor by Milcah, father of Rebekah

n pr loc
2) a town of Simeon in the south

1328 Bthuw'el beth-oo-ale'

apparently from the same as 1326 and 410; destroyed of God;
Bethuel, the name of a nephew of Abraham, and of a place in
Palestine:-Bethuel. Compare 1329.
see HEBREW for 01326
see HEBREW for 0410
see HEBREW for 01329

Bethuel [EBD]

man of God, or virgin of God, or house of God. (1.) The son of Nahor by Milcah; nephew of Abraham, and father of Rebekah (Gen. 22:22, 23; 24:15, 24, 47). He appears in person only once (24:50).

(2.) A southern city of Judah (1 Chr. 4:30); called also Bethul (Josh. 19:4) and Bethel (12:16; 1 Sam. 30:27).

Bethuel [NAVE]

BETHUEL, son of Nahor, father of Rebekah, Gen. 22:22, 23; 24:15, 24; 25:20; 28:2, 5.


(dweller in God), the son of Nahor by Milcah; nephew of Abraham, and father of Rebekah, (Genesis 22:22,23; 24:15,24,47; 28:2) In (Genesis 25:20) and (Genesis 28:5) he is called "Bethuel the Syrian."


BETHUEL (1) - be-thu'-el (bethu'el; "dweller in God"): A son of Nahor and Milcah, Abraham's nephew, father of Laban and Rebekah (Gen 22:23; 24:15,24,47,50; 25:20; 28:2,5). In the last-named passage, he is surnamed "the Syrian." The only place where he appears as a leading character in the narrative is in connection with Rebekah's betrothal to Isaac; and even here, his son Laban stands out more prominently than he--a fact explainable on the ground of the custom which recognized the right of the brother to take a special interest in the welfare of the sister (compare Gen 34:5,21,25; 2 Sam 13:20,22). Ant, I, xvi, 2 states that Bethuel was dead at this time.

Frank E. Hirsch


BETHUEL (2) - be-thu'-el, beth'-u-el (bethu'el, "destroyed of God"): A town of Simeon (1 Ch 4:30), the same as Bethul (Josh 19:4), and, probably, as the Beth-el of 1 Sam 30:27.

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