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NAVE: Bether
EBD: Bether
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division, or in the trial

Bether [EBD]

dissection or separation, certain mountains mentioned in Cant. 2:17; probably near Lebanon.

Bether [NAVE]

BETHER, mountains of, Song 2:17.


(depth), The mountains of. (Solomon 2:17) There is no clue to guide us as to what mountains are intended here.


BETHER - be'-ther (bether): In Song 2:17 mention is made of "the mountains of Bether." It is doubtful if a proper name is intended. The Revised Version, margin has, "perhaps, the spice malobathron." A Bether is prominent in late Jewish history as the place where the Jews resisted Hadrian under Bar Cochba in 135 AD. Its identity with Bittir, 7 miles Southwest of Jerusalem, is attested by an inscription.

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