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HEBREW: 1013 rdg-tyb Beyth-Gader
NAVE: Beth-gader
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In Bible versions:

Beth-Gader: NET AVS TEV
Beth Gader: NIV
Beth-gader: NRSV NASB
a town in Judah founded by Hareph of the clan of Caleb

a house for a mouse


Strongs #01013: rdg-tyb Beyth-Gader

Beth-gader = "house of the wall"

1) a place in Judah

1013 Beyth-Gader bayth-gaw-dare'

from 1004 and 1447; house of (the) wall; Beth-Gader, a place
in Palestine:-Beth-gader.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 01447

Beth-gader [NAVE]

A place in Judah, 1 Chr. 2:51.
Probably identical with Geder, Josh. 12:13; and with Gedor in Josh. 15:58.


BETH-GADER - beth-ga'-der (bethgadher; Baithgedor, or (Codex Vaticanus) Baithgaidon): The name occurs between those of Bethlehem and Kiriath-jearim in 1 Ch 2:51. It is possibly identical with Geder of Josh 12:13.

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