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HEBREW: 1050 bwxr tyb Beyth R@chowb
NAVE: Beth-rehob
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Beth Rehob

In Bible versions:

Beth Rehob: NET NIV
Beth-Rehob: AVS TEV
Beth-rehob: NRSV NASB
a region in the Vale of Lebanon, north of Laish in Dan (OS)
Google Maps: Beth-rehob (33° 13´, 35° 32´)


Strongs #01050: bwxr tyb Beyth R@chowb

Beth-rehob = "house of the street"

1) a place in Dan on road to Hamath

1050 Beyth Rchowb bayth re-khobe'

from 1004 and 7339; house of (the) street; Beth-Rechob, a
place in Palestine:-Beth-rehob.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 07339

Beth-rehob [NAVE]

A place in Dan, Judg. 18:28; 2 Sam. 10:6.
Called Rehob, v. 8.


BETH-REHOB - beth-re'-hob (beth-rechobh; ho oikos Rhaab) : An Aramean town and district which, along with Zobah and Maacah, assisted Ammon against David (2 Sam 10:6,8, Rehob). It is probably identical with Rehob (Nu 13:21), the northern limit of the spies' journey. Laish-Dan (probably Tell el-Kadi) was situated near it (Jdg 18:28). The site of the town is unknown. It has been conjecturally identified with Hunin, West of Banias, and, more plausibly, with Banias itself (Thomson, The Land and the Book (2), 218; Buhl, Geog., 240; Moore, ICC, Jgs, 399).

C. H. Thomson

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