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Beth Nimrah

In Bible versions:

Beth Nimrah: NET NIV
Beth-Nimrah: AVS TEV
Beth-nimrah: NRSV NASB
a town in Gad east of the Jordan

house of rebellion
leopard; bitterness; rebellion ( --> same as Nimrim)
Google Maps: Beth-nimrah (31° 54´, 35° 37´); Nimrah (31° 54´, 35° 37´)


Strongs #01039: hrmn tyb Beyth Nimrah

Beth-Nimrah = "house of the leopard"

1) a place east of the Jordan in Gad

1039 Beyth Nimrah bayth nim-raw'

from 1004 and the feminine of 5246; house of (the) leopard;
Beth-Nimrah, a place east of the Jordan:-Beth-Nimrah. Compare
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 05246
see HEBREW for 05247

Strongs #05247: hrmn Nimrah

Nimrah = "limpid" or "pure"

1) a place on the east of the Jordan, 10 miles (16 km) north of the
Dead Sea and 3 miles (5 km) east of the Jordan

5247 Nimrah nim-raw'

from the same as 5246; clear water; Nimrah, a place East of
the Jordan:-Nimrah. See also 1039, 5249.
see HEBREW for 05246
see HEBREW for 01039
see HEBREW for 05249

Nimrah [EBD]

pure, a city on the east of Jordan (Num. 32:3); probably the same as Beth-nimrah (Josh. 13:27). It has been identified with the Nahr Nimrin, at one of the fords of Jordan, not far from Jericho.

Beth-nimrah [NAVE]

A fenced city E. of Jordan, Josh. 13:27.
Called Nimrah, Num. 32:3.

Nimrah [NAVE]

NIMRAH, a city in Gad, Num. 32:3.


(limpid, pure), a place mentioned by this name in (Numbers 32:3) only. If it is the same as BETU-NIMRAH, ver. 36, it belonged to the tribe of Gad. It was ten miles north of the Dead Sea and three miles east of the Jordan, in the hill of Nimrim.


BETH-NIMRAH - beth-nim'-ra (beth nimrah, "house of leopard," Nu 32:36, but in verse 3 it is simply Nimrah): In Josh 13:27 the full name appears. In Isa 15:6 the name appears as Nimrim, identified as Tell Nimrim, between Jericho and the mountains on the east, where there is a fountain of large size. The city was assigned to Gad. In the 4th century AD it was located as five Roman miles North of Livias. Eusebius calls it Bethamnaram (SEP, I, Tell Nimrin).


NIMRAH; BETH-NIMRAH - nim'-ra (nimrah; Codex Vaticanus Nambra; Codex Alexandrinus Ambram), or (beth nimrah; Codex Vaticanus Namram; Codex Alexandria Ambran (Nu 32:36); Codex Vaticanus Baithanabra; Codex Alexandrinus Bethamna (Josh 13:27)): These two names evidently refer to the same place; but there is no reason to think, as some have done, from the similarity of the names, that it is identical with NIMRIM (which see). On the contrary, the indications of the passages cited point to a site East of the Jordan valley and Nimrah of the Dead Sea. About 11 miles Northeast of the mouth of the Jordan, where Wady Nimrin, coming down from the eastern up-lands, enters the plain, stands a hill called Tell Nimrin, with tombs and certain traces of ancient building. This may be certainly identified with Nimrah and Beth-nimrah; and it corresponds to Bethnambris of Eusebius, Onomasticon, which lay 5 Roman miles Nimrah of Livias.

W. Ewing

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