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Beth Leaphrah

In Bible versions:

Beth Leaphrah: NET
Beth-Leaphrah: AVS TEV
Beth Ophrah: NIV
Beth-leaphrah: NRSV
Beth-le-aphrah: NASB
a town possibly 3 km NW of Beth-Tappuah & 15 km east of Lachish
Google Maps: Beth-le-aphrah (31° 57´, 35° 17´)


Strongs #01036: hrpel tyb Beyth [email protected]`Aphrah

Bethel-aphrah = "house belonging to Aphrah" or "house to (i.e. of) dust"

1) a Philistine city

1036 Beyth l-`Aphrah bayth le-af-raw'

from 1004 and the feminine of 6083 (with preposition
interposed); house to (i.e. of) dust; Beth-le-Aphrah, a place
in Palestine:-house of Aphrah.
see HEBREW for 01004
see HEBREW for 06083

Beth-le-Aphrah [EBD]

(R.V. Micah 1:10), house of dust. The Authorized Version reads "in the house of Aphrah." This is probably the name of a town in the Shephelah, or "low country," between Joppa and Gaza.


BETH-LEAPHRAH - beth-le-af'-ra (beth le`aphrah; Septuagint ex oikou kata gelota, "house of dust"): The name of a place found only in Mic 1:10. From the connection in which it is used it was probably in the Philistine plain. There seems to be a play upon the name in the sentence, "at Beth le-`apharah have I rolled myself in the dust," `aphrah meaning "dust," and possibly another on Philistine in rolled, hith-palldshithi (see G. A. Smith, The Book of the Twelve Prophets, called Minor, in the place cited.).

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