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HEBREW: 1308 rwsb [email protected]
NAVE: Besor
EBD: Besor
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In Bible versions:

a brook about 6 or 8 km south of Ziklag

glad news; incarnation
Google Maps: Besor (31° 23´, 34° 26´)


Strongs #01308: rwsb [email protected]

Besor = "cheerful"

1) a stream, torrent-bed, or wadi in extreme south of Judah in
Philistia; empties into the Mediterranean Sea

1308 Bsowr bes-ore'

from 1319; cheerful; Besor, a stream of Palestine:-Besor.
see HEBREW for 01319

Besor [EBD]

cold, a ravine or brook in the extreme south-west of Judah, where 200 of David's men stayed behind because they were faint, while the other 400 pursued the Amalekites (1 Sam. 30:9, 10, 21). Probably the Wadyes Sheriah, south of Gaza.

Besor [NAVE]

BESOR, a brook near Gaza, 1 Sam. 30:9, 10, 21.

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