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BESIDE - be-sid': Near to, or close to (Ps 23:2). It is often used to refer to the mental state, to the derangement of the mind (existemi, Mk 3:21; Acts 26:24 the King James Version). Or it may refer to the condition of being out of the ordinary course of the life. A life consecrated to God and spent in the interest of humanity is so designated (2 Cor 5:13). It has the sense also of a state of being out of one's usual mind, but not of mental derangement, occasioned by something that causes amazement or ast onishment (Mk 5:42). Or it may refer to a state in which one is not conscious of present conditions, but is rapt in vision (Acts 10:10).

Besides is used in the sense of in addition to or that which is over and above what has been said or is possessed (Lk 16:26; see the American Revised Version, margin "in"; Philemon 1:19).

Jacob W. Kapp

Also see definition of "Beside" in Word Study

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