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HEBREW: 1276 yrb Beriy
NAVE: Berites
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In Bible versions:

Berite: NET
Bichrites: AVS NRSV TEV
Berites: NIV NASB
members of the clan of Bichri


Strongs #01276: yrb Beriy

Berites = "my well: of the well"

1) a tribe who are named with Abel and Beth-maachah, and who were
therefore doubtless situated in the north of Palestine

1276 Beriy bay-ree'

of uncertain derivation; (only in the plural and with the
article) the Berites, a place in Palestine:-Berites.

Berites [NAVE]

2 Sam. 20:14.


BERITES - be'-rits (berim; according to Klostermann and others, bikhrim): The word is found only once in the Old Testament (2 Sam 20:14). The passage seems to be doubtful. The suggestion of Klostermann does not improve matters any; the other proposed reading, bachrim (Vulgate, viri electi), "choice young men," is to be preferred.

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