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In Bible versions:

son of Asher son of Jacob
son of Ephraim son of Joseph
son of Elpaal of Benjamin 1400 BC (YC)
chief of the Shimei clan (Gershon Levi), under King David
members of the clan of Beriah

in fellowship; in envy


Strongs #01283: heyrb [email protected]`ah

Beriah = "with a friend"

1) a son of Asher
2) a son of Ephraim
3) a Benjamite
4) a Levite

1283 Briy`ah ber-ee'-aw

apparently from the feminine of 7451 with a prepositional
prefix; in trouble; Beriah, the name of four Israelites:-
see HEBREW for 07451

Strongs #01284: yeyrb [email protected]`iy

Beriites = "in evil"

1) one of the family of Beriah

1284 Briy`iy ber-ee-ee'

patronymically from 1283; a Beriite (collectively) or
descendants of Beriah:-Beerites.
see HEBREW for 01283

Beriah [EBD]

a gift, or in evil. (1.) One of Asher's four sons, and father of Heber (Gen. 46:17).

(2.) A son of Ephraim (1 Chr. 7:20-23), born after the slaughter of his brothers, and so called by his father "because it went evil with his house" at that time.

(3.) A Benjamite who with his brother Shema founded Ajalon and expelled the Gittites (1 Chr. 8:13).

Beriah [NAVE]

1. Son of Asher, Gen. 46:17; Num. 26:44, 45; 1 Chr. 7:30.
2. Son of Ephraim, 1 Chr. 7:20-23.
3. A Benjamite, 1 Chr. 8:13.
4. Son of Shimei, 1 Chr. 23:10, 11.

Beriites [NAVE]

See: Beriah 1.


(in evil, or a gift).
  1. A son of Asher. (Genesis 46:17; Numbers 26:44,45)
  2. A son of Ephraim. (1 Chronicles 7:20-23)
  3. A Benjamite. (1 Chronicles 8:13,16)
  4. A Levite. (1 Chronicles 23:10,11)


BERIAH; BERIITES - be-ri'-a, be-ri'-its (beri`ah, "in shouting," probably derived from a Hebrew root meaning "to make noise," or "in evil," from another Hebrew root):

(1) A son of Asher and father of Heber and Malchiel (Gen 46:17; 1 Ch 7:30,31; the head of the family of the Beriites, Nu 26:44 ff).

(2) A son of Ephraim, called Beriah by his father because "it went evil with his house" (1 Ch 7:23).

(3) A descendant of Benjamin (1 Ch 8:13,16).

(4) A Levite in the line of Gershon (1 Ch 23:10 f).

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