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HEBREW: 1139 qrb-ynb B@ney-B@raq
NAVE: Bene-berak
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Bene Berak

In Bible versions:

Bene Berak: NET NIV
Bene-Berak: AVS TEV
Bene-berak: NRSV NASB
a town in Dan. 8 km SE of Joppa (OS)
Google Maps: Bene-berak (32° 2´, 34° 49´)


Strongs #01139: qrb-ynb B@ney-B@raq

Bene-barak = "sons of lightning"

1) a city in Dan

1139 Bney-Braq ben-ay'-ber-ak'

from the plural construction of 1121 and 1300; sons of
lightning, Bene-berak, a place in Palestine:-Bene-barak.
see HEBREW for 01121
see HEBREW for 01300

Bene-berak [NAVE]

BENE-BERAK, a city of Dan, Josh. 19:45.


BENE-BERAK - ben-e-be'-rak (bene beraq; Banebarak): A town in the territory of Dan (Josh 19:45), represented by the modern village Ibn Ibraq, about an hour Southeast of Jaffa.

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