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HEBREW: 1132 txwz-Nb Ben-Zowcheth
NAVE: Ben-zoheth
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Ben Zoheth

In Bible versions:

Ben Zoheth: NET
Ben-Zoheth: AVS NIV TEV
Ben-zoheth: NRSV NASB
son of Ishi of Judah


Strongs #01132: txwz-Nb Ben-Zowcheth

Ben-zoheth = "son of Zoheth"

1) one of the tribe of Judah

1132 Ben-Zowcheth ben-zo-khayth'

from 1121 and 2105; son of Zocheth; Ben- Zocheth, an
see HEBREW for 01121
see HEBREW for 02105

Ben-zoheth [NAVE]

BEN-ZOHETH, son of Ishi, 1 Chr. 4:20.


BEN-ZOHETH - ben-zo'-heth (ben-zoheth, "son of Zoheth," from a Hebrew root meaning "to be strong(?)"): A son of Ishi of the house of Judah (1 Ch 4:20).

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