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HEBREW: 1106 elb Bela`
NAVE: Bela Belah
EBD: Bela
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In Bible versions:

a town near the south end of the Dead Sea
son of Beor; first king of Edom
son of Benjamin son of Israel
son of Azaz; a leader in the tribe of Reuben

Google Maps: Bela (30° 55´, 35° 25´)


Strongs #01106: elb Bela`

Bela = "destruction"

n pr m
1) a king of Edom
2) first son of Benjamin
3) a son of Ahaz, a Reubenite

n pr loc
4) one of the five cities of the plain which was spared at the
intercession of Lot, and received the name of Zoar

1106 Bela` beh'-lah

the same as 1105; Bela, the name of a place, also of an
Edomite and of two Israelites:-Bela.
see HEBREW for 01105

Bela [EBD]

a thing swallowed. (1.) A city on the shore of the Dead Sea, not far from Sodom, called also Zoar. It was the only one of the five cities that was spared at Lot's intercession (Gen. 19:20,23). It is first mentioned in Gen. 14:2,8.

(2.) The eldest son of Benjamin (Num. 26:38; "Belah," Gen. 46:21).

(3.) The son of Beor, and a king of Edom (Gen. 36:32, 33; 1 Chr. 1:43).

(4.) A son of Azaz (1 Chr. 5:8).

Bela [NAVE]

1. A city called also Zoar, Gen. 14:2, 8.
2. King of Edom, Gen. 36:32, 33; 1 Chr. 1:43, 44.
3. Son of Benjamin, Num. 26:38, 40; 1 Chr. 7:6, 7; 8:1, 3.
Called Belah, Gen. 46:21.
4. Son of Azaz, 1 Chr. 5:8.

Belah [NAVE]

See: Bela 3.


  1. One of the five cities of the plain which was spared at the intercession of Lot, and received the name of Zoar, (Genesis 14:2; 19:22) [ZOAR]
  2. Son of Beor, who reigned over Edom in the city of Dinhabah, eight generations before Saul. (Genesis 36:31-33; 1 Chronicles 1:43,44)
  3. Eldest son of Benjamin, according to (Genesis 46:21) (Authorized Version "Belah"); (Numbers 26:38,40; 1 Chronicles 7:6; 8:1) and head of the family of the Belaites.
  4. Son of Ahaz, a Reubenite. (1 Chronicles 5:8)


[BELA, 3]


BELA - be'-la.



BELA; BELAH - be'-la (bela`, "destruction"; the King James Version Belah, Gen 46:21):

(1) Bela, the son of Beor, was the first king of Edom previous to the kingdom of Israel and reigned in the city of Dinhabah (Gen 36:32 f; 1 Ch 1:43 f). Septuagint Codex Alexandrinus, Balak.

(2) Bela, the firstborn son of Benjamin (Gen 46:21; 1 Ch 7:6 f; 1 Ch 8:1). He was the head of the family of the Belaites (Nu 26:38), the father of Addar (called Ard, Nu 26:40), Gera, Abihud, Abishua, Naaman, Ahoah, Gera, Shephuphan (compare Shephupham, Nu 26:39), Huram (1 Ch 8:3-5; Nu 26:40).

(3) Bela, a son of Azaz, of the tribe of Reuben, was a man of great power and wealth. His possessions reached from Nebo to the Euphrates (1 Ch 5:8 ff).

A. L. Breslich

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