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Beeroth Bene-Yaaqan

In Bible versions:

Beeroth Bene-Yaaqan: NET
Beeroth Bene-Jaakan: AVS TEV
Jaakanites: NIV
Beeroth-bene-jaakan: NRSV
Beeroth Bene-jaakan: NASB
a place where Israel encamped in the wilderness of Sin
Google Maps: Beeroth Bene-jaakan (30° 19´, 35° 24´)


Strongs #0885: Nqey-ynb trab [email protected] [email protected]`aqan

Beeroth Bene-Jaakan or Beeroth = "wells" or "wells of the sons of Jaakan"

1) an encampment for Israel in the wilderness probably in the country of
the Horites

885 Beroth Bney-Ya`aqan be-ay-roth' be-nay' yah-a-can'

from the feminine plural of 875, and the plural contraction
of 1121, and 3292; wells of (the) sons of Jaakan;
Beeroth-Bene-Jaakan, a place in the Desert:-Beeroth of the
children of Jaakan.
see HEBREW for 0875
see HEBREW for 01121
see HEBREW for 03292


BEEROTH BENE-JAAKAN - ben'-e-ja'-a-kan (be'eroth bene ya`aqan; the Revised Version, margin "the wells of the children of Jaakan"): A desert camp of the Israelites mentioned before Moserah (Dt 10:6). In Nu 33:31,32 the name is given simply "Bene-jaakan," and the situation after Moseroth.


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