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HEBREW: 879 Myla rab [email protected]'er 'Eliym
NAVE: Beer-elim
EBD: Beer-elim
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Beer Elim

In Bible versions:

Beer Elim: NET NIV
Beer-Elim: AVS TEV
Beer-elim: NRSV NASB
a place or town in Moab
Google Maps: Beer-elim (30° 59´, 35° 29´)


Strongs #0879: Myla rab [email protected]'er 'Eliym

Beer-elim = "well of God"

1) a well in the south of Moab

879 B'er 'Eliym be-ayr' ay-leem'

from 875 and the plural of 410; well of heroes; Beer-Elim, a
place in the Desert:-Beer-elim.
see HEBREW for 0875
see HEBREW for 0410

Beer-elim [EBD]

well of heroes, probably the name given to Beer, the place where the chiefs of Israel dug a well (Num. 21:16; Isa. 15:8).

Beer-elim [NAVE]

BEER-ELIM, a city of Moab, Isa. 15:8.


BEER-ELIM - be-er-e'-lim (be'er 'elim; phrear tou Aileim, literally "well of Elim"): Probably lay to the North of Moab, answering to Eglaim in the South (Isa 15:8). It may possibly be identical with BEER (1); but there is no certainty.

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