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EBD: Bay
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Bay [EBD]

denotes the estuary of the Dead Sea at the mouth of the Jordan (Josh. 15:5; 18:19), also the southern extremity of the same sea (15:2). The same Hebrew word is rendered "tongue" in Isa. 11:15, where it is used with reference to the forked mouths of the Nile.

Bay in Zech. 6:3, 7 denotes the colour of horses, but the original Hebrew means strong, and is here used rather to describe the horses as fleet or spirited.

BAY (1) [ISBE]

BAY (1) - ba.


BAY (2) [ISBE]

BAY (2) - ba (lashon, literally "tongue"; kolpos): The word occurs in the sense of inlet of the sea in the Old Testament only in Josh 15:2,5; 18:19, and in New Testament only in Acts 27:39 (of Malta, the King James Version "creek").

Also see definition of "Bay" in Word Study

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