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HEBREW: 1337 Mybr tb Bath Rabbiym
NAVE: Bath-rabbim
EBD: Bath-rabbim
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In Bible versions:

Bath-Rabbim: TEV
a gate in the town of Heshbon
Google Maps: Bath-rabbim (31° 48´, 35° 48´)


Strongs #01337: Mybr tb Bath Rabbiym

Bath-rabbim = "daughter of multitudes"

1) the city of Heshbon or one of its gates

1337 Bath Rabbiym bath rab-beem'

from 1323 and a masculine plural from 7227; the daughter
(i.e. city) of Rabbah:-Bath-rabbim.
see HEBREW for 01323
see HEBREW for 07227

Bath-rabbim [EBD]

daughter of many, the name of one of the gates of the city of Heshbon, near which were pools (Cant.7:4).

Bath-rabbim [NAVE]

BATH-RABBIM, a gate in the city of Heshbon, Song 7:4.

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