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HEBREW: 1263 Kwrb Baruwk
NAVE: Baruch
EBD: Baruch
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In Bible versions:

son of Zabbai and a priest repairer of the wall who also pledged to keep the law
son of Col-Hozeh of Judah
son of Neriah; Jeremiah's secretary

who is blessed
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Strongs #01263: Kwrb Baruwk

Baruch = "blessed"

1) friend, amanuensis, and faithful attendant of Jeremiah
2) a priest, the son of Zabbai who assisted Nehemiah in rebuilding
the walls of Jerusalem
3) a priest, or family of priests, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah
4) son of Col-hozeh, a descendant of Perez or Pharez, the son of Judah

1263 Baruwk baw-rook'

passive participle from 1288; blessed; Baruk, the name of
three Israelites:-Baruch.
see HEBREW for 01288

Baruch [EBD]

blessed. (1.) The secretary of the prophet Jeremiah (32:12; 36:4). He was of the tribe of Judah (51:59). To him Jeremiah dictated his prophecies regarding the invasion of the Babylonians and the Captivity. These he read to the people from a window in the temple in the fourth year of the reign of Jehoiakim, king of Judah (Jer. 36). He afterwards read them before the counsellors of the king at a private interview; and then to the king himself, who, after hearing a part of the roll, cut it with a penknife, and threw it into the fire of his winter parlour, where he was sitting.

During the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, he was the keeper of the deed of purchase Jeremiah had made of the territory of Hanameel (Jer. 32:12). Being accused by his enemies of favouring the Chaldeans, he was cast, with Jeremiah, into prison, where he remained till the capture of Jerusalem (B.C. 586). He probably died in Babylon.

(2.) Neh. 3:20; 10:6; 11:5.

Baruch [NAVE]

1. An amanuensis of Jeremiah, Jer. 32:12-16; 36:4-32; 43:3-6; 45:1, 2.
2. Son of Zabbai, Neh. 3:20; 10:6.
3. A descendant of Pharez, Neh. 11:5.


  1. Son of Neriah, the friend, (Jeremiah 32:12) amanuensis, (Jeremiah 26:4-32) and faithful attendant of Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 36:10) ff. (B.C. 603.) He was of a noble family, comp. (Jeremiah 51:59) Bar. 1:1, and of distinguished acquirements. His enemies accused him of influencing Jeremiah in favor of the Chaldaeans, (Jeremiah 43:3) cf. Jere 27:13 And he was imprisoned until the capture of Jerusalem, B.C. 586. By the permission of Nebuchadnezzar he remained with Jeremiah at Mizpeh, Jos. Ant. x.9, 1, but was afterwards forced to go down to Egypt. (Jeremiah 43:6) Nothing is known certainly of the close of his life.
  2. The son of Zabbai, who assisted Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 3:20) (B.C. 446.)
  3. A priest, or family of priests, who signed the covenant with Nehemiah. (Nehemiah 10:6) (B.C. 410.).
  4. The son of Col-hozeh, a descendant of Perez or Pharez, the son of Judah. (Nehemiah 11:5) (B.C. 536.)


BARUCH - ba'-ruk, bar'-uk (baruk; Barouch, "blessed"):

(1) Son of Neriah and brother of Seraiah, King Zedekiah's chamberlain (Jer 51:59). He was the devoted friend (Jer 32:12), the amanuensis (36:4 ff,32) and faithful attendant (36:10 ff; Josephus, Ant, X, vi, 2) of the prophet Jeremiah. He seems to have been of noble family (see Ant, X, ix, 1; compare Jer 51:59; Baruch 1:1). He was also according to Josephus a man of unusual acquirements (Ant., X, ix, 1). He might have risen to a high position and seemed conscious of this, but under Jeremiah's influence (see Jer 45:5) he repressed his ambition, being content to throw in his lot with the great prophet whose secretary and companion he became. Jeremiah dictated his prophecies to Baruch, who read them to the people (Jer 36). The king (Jehoiakim) was greatly angered at these prophecies and had Baruch arrested and the roll burnt. Baruch however rewrote the prophet's oracles. In the final siege of Jerusalem Baruch stood by his master, witnessing the purchase by the latter of his ancestral estate in Anathoth (Jer 32). According to Josephus (Ant., X, ix, 1) he continued to reside with Jeremiah at Mizpah after the fall of Jerusalem. Subsequent to the murder of Gedaliah, he was accused of having unduly influenced Jeremiah when the latter urged the people to remain in Judah--a fact which shows how great was the influence which Baruch was believed to have had over his master (Jer 43:3). He was carried with Jeremiah to Egypt (Jer 43:6; Ant, X, ix, 6), and thereafter our knowledge of him is merely legendary. According to a tradition preserved by Jerome (on Isa 30:6 f) he died in Egypt soon after reaching that country. Two other traditions say that he went, or by Nebuchadnezzar was carried, to Babylon after this king conquered Egypt. The high character of Baruch and the important part he played in the life and work of Jeremiah induced later generations still further to enhance his reputation, and a large number of spurious writings passed under his name, among them the following: (a) The APOCALYPSE OF BARUCH (which see); (b) the Book of Baruch; (c) the Rest of the Words of Baruch; (d) the Gnostic Book of Baruch; (e) the Latin Book of Baruch, composed originally in Latin; (f) a Greek Apocalypse of Baruch belonging to the 2nd century of our era; (g) another Book of Baruch belonging to the 4th or 5th century.

(2) A son of Zabbai who aided Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem (Neh 3:20).

(3) One of the priests who signed the covenant with Nehemiah (10:6).

(4) The son of Colhozeh, a descendant of Perez, the son of Judah (Neh 11:5).

T. Witton Davies

Also see definition of "Baruch" in Word Study

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