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Barn [EBD]

a storehouse (Deut. 28:8; Job 39:12; Hag. 2:19) for grain, which was usually under ground, although also sometimes above ground (Luke 12:18).

Barn [NAVE]

2 Kin. 6:27; Job 39:12; Prov. 3:10; Joel 1:17; Hag. 2:19; Matt. 6:26; 13:30; Luke 12:18, 24.
See: Garner.


BARN - barn (meghurah, "a granary," "fear," Hag 2:19; acam, "a storehouse," Prov 3:10; mammeghurah, "a repository," Joel 1:17; apotheke, Mt 6:26; 13:30; Lk 12:18,24): A place for the storing of grain, usually a dry cistern in the ground, covered over with a thick layer of earth. "Grain is not stored in the East until it is threshed and winnowed. The apotheke in Roman times was probably a building of some kind. But the immemorial usage of the East has been to conceal the grain, in carefully prepared pits or caves, which, being perfectly dry, will preserve it for years. It thus escaped, as far as possible, the attentions of the tax-gatherer as well as of the robber--not always easily distinguished in the East; compare Jer 41:8" (Temple Dictionary, 215).

Figurative of heaven (Mt 13:30).


M. O. Evans

Also see definition of "Barn" in Word Study

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