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Bar [EBD]

used to denote the means by which a door is bolted (Neh. 3:3); a rock in the sea (Jonah 2:6); the shore of the sea (Job 38:10); strong fortifications and powerful impediments, etc. (Isa. 45:2; Amos 1:5); defences of a city (1 Kings 4:13). A bar for a door was of iron (Isa. 45:2), brass (Ps. 107:16), or wood (Nah. 3:13).

BAR (1) [ISBE]

BAR (1) - bar (prefix): Aramaic for the Hebrew ben, "son." Compare Aramaic sections of Ezra and Daniel. In the Old Testament the word is found three times in Prov 31:2 and once in Syriac Ps 2:12 (Hier. translates "pure"). In the New Testament "Bar" is frequently employed as prefix to names of persons. Compare Barabbas; Bar-Jesus; Bar-Jonah; Barnabas; Barsabbas; Bartholomew; Bartimeus.

See BEN.

BAR (2) [ISBE]

BAR (2) - bar (substantive):

(1) beriach = "a bolt" (Ex 26:26-29; 35:11; 36:31-34; 39:33; 40:18; Nu 3:36; 4:31; Dt 3:5; Jdg 16:3; 1 Sam 23:7; 1 Ki 4:13; 2 Ch 8:5; 14:7; Neh 3:3,6,13-15; Job 38:10 "bars and doors" for the sea (the bank or shore of the sea); Ps 107:16; 147:13 "the bars of thy gates": the walls of the city were now rebuilt and its gates only closed and barred by night (see Neh 7:3); Prov 18:19, "bars of a castle"; Isa 45:2; Jer 49:31; 51:30; Lam 2:9; Ezek 38:11): meaning "a rock in the sea" (Jon 2:6).

(2) moT = "a staff," "stick," "pole" (Nu 4:10,12 margin); "strong fortification and great impediment" (Isa 45:2; Am 1:5, "the bolt of Damascus": no need here to render prince, as some do (G. A. Smith in the place cited.)).

(3) badh = "staff," "part of body," "strength" (Job 17:16, "bars of Sheol": the gates of the world of the dead; compare Isa 38:10; some read, "Will the bars of Sheol fall?").

(4) meTil = "something hammered out, a (forged) bar" (Job 40:18).


Frank E. Hirsch

Also see definition of "Bar" in Word Study

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