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HEBREW: 1137 ynb Baniy
NAVE: Bani
EBD: Bani
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In Bible versions:

a man of Gad; one of David's military elite
son of Shemer (Merari Aaron Levi)
a man descended from Perez of Judah
a non-Levite ancestor of men who put away their heathen wives
a non-Levite ancestor of others who put away heathen wives
a Levite who helped Ezra explain the reading of the law
son of Henadad (Levi); a signer of the pledge to keep the law
an Israelite chief who signed the covenant to obey God's law
son of Hashabiah and father of head Levite Uzzi under Nehemiah


Strongs #01137: ynb Baniy

Bani = "built"

1) a Gadite, one of David's mighty warriors
2) a Levite of the line of Merari, and forefather to Ethan
3) a man of Judah of the line of Pharez
4) "children of Bani" returned from captivity with Zerubbabel
5) one or up to three Levites in Nehemiah's time

1137 Baniy baw-nee'

from 1129; built; Bani, the name of five Israelites:-Bani.
see HEBREW for 01129

Bani [EBD]

built. (1.) 1 Chr. 6:46. (2.) One of David's thirty-seven warriors, a Gadite (2 Sam. 23:36). (3.) Ezra 2:10; 10:29,34,38. (4.) A Levite who was prominent in the reforms on the return from Babylon (Neh. 8:7; 9:4,5). His son Rehum took part in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem (Neh. 3:17).

Bani [NAVE]

1. A Gadite, 2 Sam. 23:36.
2. A Levite, 1 Chr. 6:46.
3. A descendant of Pharez, 1 Chr. 9:4.
4. Father of returned exiles, Ezra 2:10; 10:29.
Called Biui, Neh. 7:15.
5. A Levite of the returned exiles, Neh. 3:17; 8:7; 9:4, 5; 10:13; 11:22.


  1. A Gadite, one of David?s mighty men. (2 Samuel 23:36) (B.C. 1046.)
  2. A Levite of the line of Merari, and forefather to Ethan. (1 Chronicles 6:46)
  3. A man of Judah of the line of Pharez. (1 Chronicles 9:4)
  4. "Children of Bani" returned from captivity with Zerubbabel. (Ezra 2:10; 10:29,34; Nehemiah 10:14) 1 Esd. 5:12. [BINNUI; MANI]
  5. An Israelite "of the sons of Bani." (Ezra 10:38)
  6. A Levite. (Nehemiah 3:17)
  7. A Levite. (Nehemiah 8:7; 9:4,5; 10:13)
  8. Another Levite, of the sons of Asaph. (Nehemiah 11:22)


BANI - ba'-ni (bani, "posterity"):

(1) A Gadite, one of David's mighty men (2 Sam 23:36).

(2) A Levite whose son was appointed for service in the tabernacle at David's time (1 Ch 6:46).

(3) A Judahite whose son lived in Jerusalem after the captivity (1 Ch 9:4).

(4) The descendants of Bani (called Binnui, Neh 7:15) returned with Zerubbabel (Ezr 2:10) and had taken "strange wives" (Ezr 10:29).

(5) Bani who had taken a "strange wife" (Ezr 10:38) mentioned with his brothers, the sons of Bani who also had taken "strange wives" (Ezr 10:34).

(6) Son of Bani, a Levite and builder (Neh 3:17).

(7) Bani, who instructed the people at Ezra's time (Neh 8:7).

(8) Three Levites mentioned in connection with the temple worship at Ezra's time (Neh 9:4,5).

(9) A Levite who sealed the covenant with Neh (Neh 10:13).

(10) A leader of the people who also signed the covenant (Neh 10:14).

(11) One whose son Uzzi was overseer of the Levites at Jerusalem (Neh 11:22).


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