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NAVE: Baal-tamar
EBD: Baal-tamar
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In Bible versions:

Baal-Tamar: TEV
a place near Gibeah of Benjamin

master of the palm-tree
Google Maps: Baal-tamar (31° 49´, 35° 13´)

Baal-tamar [EBD]

lord of palm trees, a place in the tribe of Benjamin near Gibeah of Saul (Judg. 20:33). It was one of the sanctuaries or groves of Baal. Probably the palm tree of Deborah (Judg. 4:5) is alluded to in the name.

Baal-tamar [NAVE]

BAAL-TAMAR, a place near Gibeah, Judg. 20:33.


BAAL-TAMAR - ba-al-ta'-mar ba`al tamar; Baal Thamar, "Baal of the palm tree"): Evidently a seat of heathen worship (Jdg 20:33) between Bethel and Gibeah (compare Jdg 20:18,31). The place was known to Eusebius (Onomasticon, which see), but trace of the name is now lost. Conder suggests that it may be connected with the palm tree of Deborah (Jdg 4:5) which was between Bethel and Ramah (HDB, under the word).

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